Travnik is located in the river valley Lasva between Vlasic mountain on the north and Vilenica on the south. Travnik fort is the most impressive castles in Bosnia and Herzegovina, all the time, which still exists and is the best preserved of all.  It was built in the 11th century, from which period and generated name Travnikrom .

Turkish period restored the glory of Travnik. It was the capital and military center of the Ottoman Empire in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1686 - 1850. From here, the Turks manage and organize their campaigns  further to the southwest. Over 150 years ago, vezir – Sultan s governor-here had its headquarters attracting and consuls and traders. Passengers of the time were impressed by the city and called it the European Istanbul. It was most oriental town in Bosnia....

Places of interests that today we must visit in Travnik are many, and some of them are Old Town, Blue Water, Clock Tower (the only city in the world with two towers), sundial, Konak in which seat 77 vizier through 151 years, 17 mosques such as the famous Süleymaniye mosque, the house of Nobel prize winner Ivo Andric, the tomb which Travnik has the most in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, madrasa.