The area was settled from at least Illyrian and Roman times, but the town itself was first mentioned in 1260, in a document of King Bela IV. It were these far northwest frontier lands that drew the line between the Ottomans and the Austro-Hungarians. Bihac is a charming little town centered on the banks of the Una River. The town is teeming with café’s that inevitably gravitate around the beautiful Una. It is more than worth a visit to Bihac or any of the towns that live off these emerald waters. River Una got its name from ancient Romans, who, when they saw its lively colors and heard the gurgle of its waterfalls shouted: “UNA”, which in Latin means the one, the only one, the unique one. The first big waterfall is in Martinbrod, a small town some 50 kilometers away from Bihać. This is the spot where Una takes the viewer’s breath away as the travertine created numerous canals, rapids, small islands and few waterfalls close to one another, the biggest one of which is 20 meters high and it is a magnificent image a man can enjoy for hours.