Skiing and Snowboarding

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of beautiful mountains. Covered by snow, some of them are a heaven for amateurs; some of them are perfect for skilled skiers, while some of them are ominous but irresistible challenge for those who search for adventure.

Bjelasnica – skiing phenomenom

Numerous times so far it has been said that ski centres and countless snowy tracks galore in Europe, but Bjelašnica remains unique among them. Even skiers visited only once claim never experienced better ski tracks. It is a large mountain with spacious slopes, which are under snow cover for more than six months a year. The mountain was the site of several of the most attractive alpine ski competitions during the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984. It is an extended mountain range that is covered under an average of 135cm of snow for most of the year. The mountain range is considered to offer first class conditions for skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and other forms of recreation. There is an extensive selection of renovated facilities and new hotel apartment complex on Bjelasnica, designed by French architects, opened for the season 2006/2007. Tourism offer in Bjelašnica is supported with various winter events and contests, shows such as Red Bull competition, night skiing but also arranged excursions to vivid Bjelašnica villages. Those who want to avoid crowd on the ski tracks, will find peace and relaxation in a walk towards the peaceful mountain villages with the untouched nature and fascinating panorama.

Several minutes away from sharp Bjelašnica is serene Igman mountain with Veliko Polje valley which hosted Nordic events and Malo Polje valley hosting Ski Jumping competitions during ‘84 Olympic Games. Vertical transportation facilities consist of two ski cables (three-seater and two-seater with total capacity of 2500 skiers per hour), two ski lifts with total capacity of 1800 skiers per hour and four baby ski lifts in Malo Polje of total capacity 1000 skiers per hour. During winter, numerous visitors are provided with ski rentals and repair shops.

Jahorinaan eternal beauty

A popular ski-resort because of its advantageous geographic position, favorable climate, beautiful ski trails, abounding snow and mild slopes, most notably Rajska Dolina. Here you will enjoy in modern hotels (with wellness-centers), four ski lifts, suiting the needs of both beginners and experts, more then 20 kilometres of well managed Alpine ski trails, connected to four modern cable cars and ski lifts with total capacity of 7500 skiers per hour, modern ski-schools, ski-repairs as well as ski-rentals. Just several meters from the ski tracks, visitors can relax in sunbathing terraces serving grilled food, hot and cold beverages. Visitors will enjoy the exciting night skiing and modern ski schools, and at their disposal they will have ski rental and repair facilities.Bring your own ski and snowboard equipment or rent them there. One should not forget however that Jahorina is suitable for visits throughout the year and has the potential for the development of several types of tourism- Health tourism, Village tourism and Sports tourism. Hospitable Jahorina workforce is putting effort to make your stay as interesting as possible. The standard offer include night skiing, numerous attractive winter sports related events and since recently this mountain is hosting the ski board competition.

Vlašić – friendly white giant

Locatednear Travnik, it is one of the widest, highest and certainly one of the most beautiful mountains in Balkans. As result of its plateau (of 500 hectares), the picturesque wooded landscape, rivers and old forests, Vlašić which now hosts some of the best snowboarding in southeastern Europe, was known as a health and recreation resort back in Austro-Hungarian times. The area of Devacani and Galica Peak are attractive for alpinists. The mountain is covered by snow for five months and since storms are rare, visitors consider it exceptionally mild and pleasant.Today it boasts the Babanovac modern winter centre with comfortable hotels, great ski tracks and ski lifts. With fresh additions of several new hotels and pansions Vlasic is not to be missed. All this is complemented by night time entertainment- dancing and enjoying in modern discotheques.Very attractive is the ski jump and four ski lifts with total capacity of 4.600 skiers per hour. Nearby hotel Babanovac is baby ski lift, with total capacity of 300 skiers per hour and equipped to provide pleasure of night skiing. Interesting events and attractive contests provide entertainment for visitors throughout the winter season. Last but not least, it is impossible to forget famous Vlasic cheese. So when visiting, you have exclusive opportunity to taste it exactly where it was produced – in Vlasic.


A small west Bosnian town located on the eastern side of Kupreško field. A tourist destination on Kupres, on 1250 m above sea level, with sharp mountain-alpine climate and almost 5 months covered with snow is a traditional destination for recreational skiers, especially attractive and easily accessible for the tourists from Dalmatian and Herzegovinean areas. The ski resort is equipped with several ski-rents and ski service shops. There are also diners, an organised skiing school, and snow canons which contribute to the skiing atmosphere. During the summer on Kupres there is an interesting offer for all lovers of pure pristine nature and active vacation. The Kupres plateau with its mountains is an ideal location for exercising paragliding, mountain hiking, hunting, horse riding, motocross riding and various excursions.