Una Rafting – Enjoy Bosnian emerald

The Una River, famously called the emerald of B&H with its amazing green color will make you speechless. Rafting on the river Una became an unavoidable social and sporting event. Either for business groups or families, amateurs or professionals, the pleasant memories will stay. In the upper flow of the river Una, rich with cascades and waterfalls, the water is drinkable and it was declared as ”National park Una”. The extraordinary purity of this river, and the amazing waterfalls and landscapes of untouched nature are overwhelming. In addition, there is available amazing gourmet fresh fish, meat and other specialties.

Neretva Rafting – Fun and adrenaline for anyone

River Neretva’s source is in B&H and it flows to Croatia and the Adriatic sea. River is famous for its mountainous flows, green color and the Mostar bridge. This unique color of this river, which is extremely clean and sparkling, makes it an attractive and distinctive symbol of this region. In the upper canyon are some of the most exciting rafting spots in Europe. The Neretva rafting track’s length starts at Glavatićevo and ends at Konjic and it is about 23 km long. You will witness amazing canyons, waterfalls and pure nature. Organizers will make this rafting unforgettable with traditional Bosnian food and gastronomic specialties.

Tara Rafting – Unforgettable rafting experience

The European and World Rafting Championships were held on Tara river. It is one of the most beautiful whitewater rivers in B&H and in addition, it is one of the best rivers for rafting in Europe. It will surprise its visitors with its wilderness and amazing landscapes. Also it has one of the largest canyons in Europe and commonly a truly overwhelming experience. The accommodation in bungalows is very romantic, combined with moonlight and nice music. Together with the Bosnian specialties, the rafting will prove to be one of those unforgettable memories.