Bosnia and Herzegovina is right place to start your paragliding adventure. Choose the best among the most popular flying points in this country:


Enjoy the view of the Olympic mountain
Mt. Bjelašnica has the perfect terrain for paragliding, varying in skill level requirements. It is less than one hour ride from Sarajevo, therefore it is easy for everybody to experience flying in the air. There are several ski slopes that are used for take off, each vary in altitude, and are suitable for amateurs. In addition, there are spacious landings down the mountain. There is potential for cross-country flights of 45km towards Konjic and Jablanica. The top of the mountain is at 2067m. In addition, Bjelašnica offers great accommodation and food.


Fly over amazing landscapes
During summer, Mt. Vlašić is popular Paragliding destination. It is known as one of the most popular paragliding locations in Balkan’s. One of the preferred take offs is at Galica, and there are many safe areas to land. 
Vlašić is famous for its infrastructure and touristic offerings of quality and traditional mountain foods and homemade ingredients, such as cheese and meat. Following a flight with amazing landscapes under you, be pleased by the taste of the wholesome mountain food.