Mountain biking

Bjelašnica Trnovo Mountain biking tour

Enjoy bosnian mountain biking
This route is a real adventure, which starts 1 hour ride from Sarajevo, at the Olympic Mt. Bjelasnica. The beautiful views of Bjelasnica and Treskavica will fill you with energy and give more motivation to explore the hidden roads. After reaching Treskavica you will enjoy the freshness of the source of the Zeljeznica River. It is an amazing sight and a relaxing experience where you can connect with great welcoming nature. After having lunch under the trees, we will return back to Sarajevo.

Trebevi─ç mountain biking tour

Enjoy the amazing views of Sarajevo
This trip starts from Sarajevo, at a place called Vrace. On this route you will enjoy amazing views of Sarajevo, untouched nature and see the Olympic bobsledding track. The fresh air and green sights will accompany you all the way. The route is around 40km and it requires decent physical fitness. The altitude reaches 1300m above the sea level.