Horse riding

Equestrian Club ”Pegasos”

Ride well bred horses through amazing landscapes
Equestrian club Pegasos is physically near to the centre of Sarajevo city, but far enough to go to the fairy tale pictures of your childhood. Club Pegasos offers you with well bred horses, untouched nature with some of the most stunning landscapes to enjoy while riding horses and improving your riding technique. In addition, you can combine other recreations like biking, hiking, rock climbing or alpinism, and enjoy delicious meals.

Equestrian Club ”Djeca vjetra”

Enjoy riding Arab horses
Equestrian Club “Djeca vjetra” is only 5 km from the center of Sarajevo, located in the village of Donje Biosko.
 The oasis of peace, silence and untouched nature are only occasionally interrupted by “neigh” and clumping of the horses. The club offers quality horseback riding tours in the nature for those who have experience in horse riding. Also, horseback riding school can be joined in a sandy round pen under the supervision of a licensed coach.

Riding Club ”Vranac”

Unique horse riding along Neretva River
”Vranac” is a black horse, which can have a white stripes on its head and named after the riding club in Čapljina. The club offers riding in the countryside, carriage rides and walks with the horses along the Neretva River. You will be able to enjoy the riding whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. The club owns beautiful English gallopers, seven local thoroughbred and two ponies for the children. Also, the club offers a therapeutic horse riding, which will relax your body and improve your overall welfare.

Kupres Farm

Explore rural life of B&H while riding horses
Kupres Farm is one of the greatest places where you can feel real nature and its beauty. There are magnificent grasslands, green forests, lakes and rivers, simply untouched landscapes which you must explore. This riding destination is extremely good value and offers an insight into the rural life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of the horses are quite forward-going (though some steadier options are available) and riding generally involves plenty of canters and gallops.