Fly fishing


Exciting fly river
Sana is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the length of 146 km. Definitely a very exciting fishing River where you can only guess what type of fish you will hook. Either, the huge Grayling or Trout, a big Chub or the great monster of the river, the Danube Salmon (HUCHO). The regular HUCHO season starts on 1st March and ends on 15th February, as the best moths are May and June. Kindly note that fishing for Hucho is only allowed with a guide, or with the River Guard being present.


River rich with wild fish
Ribnik municipality has four rivers that are attractive and tempting to all fishermen. River banks are beautiful and lively, with preserved flora and fauna. The Ribnik River is one of the shortest (approximately 8 km long) but with a rich water flow. Blessed with a lot of vegetation, Ribnik River is very well populated with wild fish and easily accessible since the maximum depth is about 80 cm.


Elite fishing location
Sanica is well-known fly fishing river located 12 km from the city of Ključ, in a village called Sanica. Sanica River is rich in grayling and often the catch could be a 50cm specimen. Beside grayling, there is plenty of brown Trout and some Pike, as well as Hucho Hucho. Also, Sanica is a place where many fly fishing competitions are organized. Nowadays, it is becoming one of the most elite locations for fishing.


Paradise for fly fishing
Pliva is one of the exceptional clarity rivers with specific colour, representing a little paradise for sports fishermen, especially for fly fishing. This beautiful river is about 8 km long. Pliva is very powerful and wide river, so on the offer is a real challenge when it comes to catching one of its trophy grayling. Many wild grayling reach the incredible size border of 60 cm, and that attracts and challenges the renowned fly fishermen to come visit.


Amazing river rich with wild and large size fish
The Una river is located in the North-Western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It got its name during the Roman Empire, which means UNA or the ”Only one”. It is surely one of the most beautiful rivers in the whole Europe. Una has a very unique colour and fish has not been stocked there for a very long time. There are 28 different fish species. Fishes fund are arranged on this way: 50% trout, 30% grayling, and 20% other fishes. All the fish are wild and some of them are of a very large size. The amazing nature and landscapes will amaze you, combined with great food, besides the grilled fish.